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Outstanding Customer Service
Adelaide Solar & Electrical Services are one of Adelaide's most outstanding custom solar designers and installers.

Why? Because we design the right solution for our customer's needs.
Adelaide Solar & Electrical Services Unique Custom Solar Solutions
Adelaide Solar & Electrical Services night time solar solutions
Custom Solar Designs for your lifestyle
We custom design and install quality solar systems for our clients.

We create custom solutions that are uniquely tailored to your home, your lifestyle and your budget.
Energy Saving Solutions
Our design team work with diligence and passion to deliver exceptional outcomes, value and long term savings for each client we engage with.

We design solar systems to save you money now and in the future.

NETCC & CEC Accreditation

"New Energy Tech Approved Sellers are committed to consumer protection standards
for solar, battery storage, EV chargers and more."

NETCC Standards


Adelaide Solar & Electrical Services is a Proud signatory of the Clean Energy Council’s Solar Retailer Code of Conduct

CEC Retailer Guild


Adelaide Solar & Electrical Services has an in house team of Clean Energy Council’s Accredited Solar & Battery Installers

CEC Solar Installer Guide

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With the information you provide below, our Solar Design Team will be able to prepare a Custom Solar Report / Quote tailored to your home & your current and future energy needs.